Her dream, Herself: Story of an Udaan Fellow

Pramila is an energetic 16-year old young woman who belongs to a small tribal village called Guthaniya. She is extremely fond of dancing and you can always spot her singing and dancing wherever the music is playing in her village.

As a young woman, Pramila faced many restrictions in her family. She had to leave her studies because of household responsibilities and lack of good educational facilities in her village. “Since morning, I do a lot of work starting from filling up water, cleaning, cooking and then I go to work in the fields till night. I hardly get time to study. Moreover, the family environment has never been conducive for my educational growth.”

Under the Udaan fellowship, Pramila worked with her ‘saheli’ Rajkumari on bringing gender equality through games. From a very young age, children male and female children are taught to play separately. Hence, through different activities Pramila and Rajkumari created an inclusive space for both young girls and boys where they can play together and become friends. Pramila joined Udaan because she wanted to study further and gain independence. In this journey, Pramila worked a lot on her self-development. She has built self-confidence and overcome some fears “It was only after joining Udaan and participating in the workshops that I could talk to people from opposite gender. It was very difficult for me before. I learned how to speak in front of so many people.”

This year, Pramila filled up NIOS form for 10th standard and she her dream is to study further.

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