Farukh-The Changemaker

Farukh Khan, 22, lives in Tajpura village which is 25KMs away from the main town Harda district, Madhya Pradesh. Currently, he is in the second year, pursuing M.Com. In December 2018,  Farukh participated in Youth Adda conducted by Youth Resource Center after which he had a change in his perspective to look at life and … Continue reading Farukh-The Changemaker

समझदार सखी : Impact Story of Changeloomers Sulochana and Vinita

Located at a distance of mere three kilometers from the clamorous semi-urban tehsil of Harda called Rehatgaon, entering the village Chhirpura fills you up with an air of peace and quiet. Despite caste inequalities that we witness on our walk around the village, Changeloomers Sulochana (Anchor) and Vinita (co-anchor) are working hard to ensure that … Continue reading समझदार सखी : Impact Story of Changeloomers Sulochana and Vinita

Dhawak : Changeloomer Raviraj’s Impact Story

Located about three kilometers away from the famous Handiya block of Harda district, Changeloomer Raviraj’s native village, Baghrul is home to a diverse population of Rajputs, adivasi and muslim communities. However, what holds the same for all these groups are the poor opportunities for the children and youth of the village. Large number of children, … Continue reading Dhawak : Changeloomer Raviraj’s Impact Story

Because she is a girl

While Changeloomers Suruchi (anchor) and Harshita (co-anchor) are working to promote girls’ rights through social media, they can’t stop talking about the gender discrimination that they have faced in their own families since a very young age.  Both Harshita and Suruchi come from privileged families of the Harda district and live in Harda city. And … Continue reading Because she is a girl