Internship with a Random Search: Tulsi Khoria

My name is Tulsi and currently, I am busy, writing the most joyful chapter of my life- “College “. I am studying in Ahmedabad at Nirma University and writing this chapter by using pen “BALLB (Hons.)”. Recently I got to know my hometown Harda in Madhya Pradesh from a different lens. It was not this close, but it is now. I just completed my first internship at Harda, initially, I thought, a small city like this would not have any NGO so I started searching NGO in Indore but due to some communication gap, those things didn’t work out for 1 month. One day, I randomly searched on Google “NGOs in Harda” thinking the answer would be “could not found” but to my surprise, I found one, that was Synergy Sansthan. Honestly, I thought it would not be an active NGO but I saw their social media and after having a conversation with Mr. Ajay (CEO of Synergy Sansthan), I was impressed and finalized to join Synergy.

After one month of my internship, if I start writing what is my learning, it would be a little difficult for me to describe all of them gained. I want to share the importance of this one month in my life and this is the only reason, I am writing my reflections.

On my first day, I was asked to specify my goals and objectives for one-month-learning journey. The only point I can remember while writing this is “to know the ground-level reality of the place I belong to”. During my first week of the internship, I got engaged with the Team-Childline 1098 where I encountered a case of sexual harassment. This case gave me a key takeaway that how to become one of the weapons for such warriors (warrior represents a rape victim as they are not suffering and fighting less than a battle warrior) and her family. All the team members were helpful to understand the issues and process related Childline India Foundation.

In the second week of the internship, I started working with Civics Program Team. The team was on stage to test the sessions which they have prepared for the class 9th students. The 3-days of testing sessions helped me to find comfort in an unknown territory among unknown people. I made a very few but intelligent friends and by the end of the testing workshops, I got to know how games can help to educate children who have given up learning. The workshop facilitators gave me an understanding of how to develop relations with children.

Tulsi Khoria with MLMF-Synergy Sansthan

The best part of my journey was 3rd and 4th week with the team and participants of MY LIFE MERE FAISLE. These weeks were full of learning and each moment of the day was full of fun. They made me visit those corners of myself which I had not seen before. From here, I got a lot of stories to note down in my diary of life which would ultimately help me to look again at the problems of my life but from a different perspective. I used to initiate a few conversations with the participant once the session gets over. Their life story shocked me and their way of dealing with the difficult paths of life was astonishing. I would like to share one story of a participant Praveen who taught me the value of life for which it should be lived. He wanted to become an astrologer and cleared the exam of DROD but due to medical issues in his brain, he is now not capable of studying or concentrating on work for a long duration. After talking to him I came to know how courageous he is, he told me that the only present plan of his life is to make people happy around him. There are many other stories of my little friends, which have warmed my heart for life. Other than this I also learned how to facilitate while working with facilitators which are having a different style of facilitation.

I am going to cherish these memories of my first internship throughout my life. This learning through real and practical experiences has been amazing and I thank all the members of Synergy for such amazing platform. I might get in touch with them, again and very soon.

Synergy Sansthan- “It is amazing to host to interns like Tulsi Khoria, who is curious and willing towards and life and struggles. She has been a great learner as per coordnators, she worked with.”

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