Farukh-The Changemaker

Farukh Khan, 22, lives in Tajpura village which is 25KMs away from the main town Harda district, Madhya Pradesh. Currently, he is in the second year, pursuing M.Com. In December 2018,  Farukh participated in Youth Adda conducted by Youth Resource Center after which he had a change in his perspective to look at life and society. As Farukh comes from a rural background, his upbringing and peers had a great impact on his thinking style. He says, “I  participated in Youth Adda hosted by YRC with my friends and from there I learned the importance of developing myself for the development of the society. He adds saying, “My attitude towards society has changed and now I am planning to work in the interest of society. I am also developing myself accordingly. I want to work for child education. I want to provide them with good facilities in the schools I have had some dreams for society and I want to work for it, but my family may not be able to adopt it, I am sure that there will be changes going forward that even the family will tell me that their boy is doing well.”

Youth Resource Center, YRC is one of the proud initiations by Synergy Sansthan, each day it’s reaching directly to the youth and bringing sources that can help the youth to develop their understanding of their ambitions and abilities.

Farukh did an action project on child education and now he is planning to proceed further with the structure of the action project in Handiya. 

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