Trapti’s step towards her dream: An Inspiring story of an MLMF facilitator

Trapti was 19 years old when she joined MLMF program. She comes from a very underdeveloped village called Charkheda. She defines the advent of MLMF as the
turning point of her life and she cannot imagine what her life would be if she had not
joined the MLMF program. After being a participant in 2016, she joined as a facilitator
in the year 2017 and helped other students to experience and learn things that had
transformed her way of living. After that she has been actively involved in other programs of Synergy Sansthan like Yuvalaya. The most interesting and life changing
session for her was ‘Our Dreams and Aspirations’. She not only listened to that
lecture but also acted upon it by deciding a detailed plan regarding what she wants to do in her career and presented it in front of her family. She says “I never restricted my
thoughts to MLMF class, it was a spark and I used to think about those things even at my house.”

Her family was amazed and proud of seeing that their daughter had planned her
own education, career and marriage. It was the result of understanding family’s
perspective and effectively communicating with them. In addition to managing the responsibilities of being the eldest out of the four children, she faced a lot of restrictions at home for being a girl. She grew up to be a stubborn child and compelled her parents to get her everything she wanted. She thought that her parents do not understand her dreams and feelings. She discussed these things with her MLMF peer group and got constructive feedback that fighting will not make everything right, she should try to
understand the perspective of her parents and take them along in the decisions about
her goals in life. It was all about building a mutual harmony with respect to her decisions in life. Talking about the change towards experiencing the society she says “Earlier, it was a one-way communication but now I understand that everyone gets affected, all are connected and one step of mine will affect many people. I feel really good when my friends, cousins and other girls living in neighborhood calls me and ask my suggestions on various situations.”

Currently, she is pursuing her dream of doing LLB and become legal advisor on taxes and accounts. Though as of now she is not directly engaged in facilitating but she still conducts GDs and one to one counselling of
girls of her village who are facing the same problems as she had faced in her adolescence. As she says “I understand the value of space that was provided by MLMF
and I want to provide the others the same space where they can share, express, learn
and contribute freely.” As of now, she is also writing a book called ‘Trapti ke Thoughts’
which will inspire the girls like her to never stop growing.

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